The Charities

The CCLC  will be donating profits from the sale of our calendars to three cat organizations:

1. PetitsPawz

PetitsPawz is a registered charity dedicated to saving cats throughout the island of Montreal.

Tens of thousands of animals are abandoned throughout Quebec each year. Our goal is to help reduce these numbers one cat at a time, while providing a forever, loving home for every cat that is in our care.

2. Angus Wild Cats

We are a group of concerned residents of Essa Township.

In an effort to help control the feral cat population, we are trying to implement a 5 year plan which will involve trapping , spaying/neutering and vaccinating the feral cats in our community.

Feral cats are stray, often abandoned domestic cats. These cats have kittens and form colonies. The colonies are centered around a food source and as feral cats leave or die, new colonies emerge.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to spay/neuter three to four colonies per year. We are trying to stop the reproduction of generations of starving and often diseased cats and kittens.

3. G&G West – Feral Cat Colony